Spooky Season Scholarship Drive

Spooky Season Scholarship Drive

UPDATE: Wow! In record time we reached and then exceeded our goal. Thank you to all who donated. 🥰

Donations to the fund are always open and always appreciated and we hope to continue to grow our Patreon supporter base. So please do donate or join if you can and help ensure future classes have enough spots for those who can’t afford the registration fee.

It’s  spooky season here in the Western hemisphere and we’re winding down our class schedule for the year. Unfortunately, we’re facing a challenge with these last few classes: a lack of sufficient scholarship funds.

Thanks to the supporters in our Patreon we’ve seen steady contributions to the fund and we still get individual donations from time to time. However, due to some financial shenanigans over at Patreon, we lost a chunk of our patrons. Additionally, the social media chaos of the past year has meant that our reach for donations posts shrunk to almost zero.

Right now we want to at least cover the cost of the scholarship students taking our last few classes. So we’re having a Spooky Season Scholarship Drive with a goal of raising $3,000.

Will you help us reach our goal? You can do so by donating* any amount via the box on the right and/or sharing this post via social media, email, group chats, Discord, Slack, and other (appropriate) community spaces. Either of those actions will make a huge difference to us and to our students.

Thank you in advance for your support!

*We now fall under the 501(c)3 non-profit designation, so your donation may be tax deductible.