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WtO Craft Chats

Each month on specific social networks we’ll host one or two online chats about various aspects of writing and narrative craft. It’s a great way to see what other writers are thinking (or worrying) about and get advice from the core WtO team.

Upcoming Chats

February 14 (all day) | Narrative Structure Chat on Mastodon, BlueSky, Threads

Around 11AM Eastern we’ll begin the chat by posting the questions. Please join any time during the day and answer whichever ones you like!

craft chat list of questions

  1. What’s your favorite story, movie, TV ep, or other narrative that uses a non-western structure?
  2. Which narrative structures do you know about? Which have you used in your own work?
  3. What stories are you trying to tell that don’t work in the structures/frameworks you’re most familiar with?
  4. Do you struggle with traditional Western structures? If so, have you tried other frameworks?
  5. Have you ever used or attempted a non-linear structure?

How To Participate

Join the chat anytime during the day on whichever social network you’re already on and use the most. At the top of your post, put #WtOCraftChat*, the date, question number, and the question text.

Example: #WtOCraftChat 2/14 Q1 What’s your favorite story… (etc)

Type your answer under this. You can thread your answers if they’re long. It’s okay to give long answers! As long as you use the chat tag we’ll be able to find your posts and either respond to or boost them.

We’ll engage in chats throughout the day until about 8PM Pacific time.

*BlueSky doesn’t support hashtags for this kind of thing, so use this string, instead: ✍️WtOCraftChat