Apply for a Sentient Squid Scholarship

Writing the Other offers Vonda N. McIntyre Sentient Squid Scholarships for all of our online classes. We try to set aside up to 25% of available spots for scholarship students. The scholarships are available to all writers regardless of background.

We offer full and partial scholarships. Full scholarships cover the cost of the course and, when possible, the cost of required texts (if any). Partial scholarships are given based on applicants’ self-stated ability to pay. The application is short and designed not to overwhelm! You’re only asked to send:

  • A brief (300 or fewer words) statement of financial need
  • A brief (500 or fewer words) description of a work or works in progress that you hope the class/webinar will help you write.
  • The amount you can afford to pay (for partial scholarships).
  • For a few classes, a short (1000 words or less) writing sample.

Scholarship recipients are determined by the online class administrator and sometimes the instructor. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance or rejection by email by the deadline listed on the class description page.

Ready to Apply for a Scholarship?

Here are the classes currently open for registration with scholarships on offer:

Don’t see any classes above? That means we don’t have any coming up for the next few weeks. To get a notification when new classes open for registration, subscribe to our newsletter.


How do you define Financial Need?

We have a broad definition that includes people who outright do not have the money to pay the fee, people who technically have the money but cannot spend it on a writing class, people who live in countries where the registration amount in local currency puts it out of reach, people who are out of work and living on savings, and other situations in-between.

We do not require applicants to be flat broke or living in poverty in order to qualify. Please don’t self-reject!

Do you have scholarships for marginalized writers?

We set aside a certain number of our scholarship spots for writers whose identities are covered by the POC, BIPOC, or BAME acronyms as well as Palestinian writers and those of Palestinian descent. We do not limit the number of scholarships we offer to these groups.

I’m hesitating to apply because…

  • Paying for this class is something I am technically be able to do–I have the funds in my bank account today–but I don’t feel I can afford to spend the money on the class, even though it would be beneficial.
  • I sometimes have enough money to pay this fee, but not right now. And it would be unfair of me to ask for a scholarship when I can wait and hope the class comes back.
  • I don’t want to take the opportunity away from someone else who needs it more.
  • I already received a scholarship for a previous class (or two or more).

The response to all of these is: APPLY ANYWAY. None of those are reasons for you to not apply. Let us make the determination. Again: Don’t self-reject!

Have a question not covered here? Ask us directly.

Want to Support the Scholarship?

The scholarship fund is made possible by donations from individuals and groups who have overwhelmed us with their generosity. We are extremely grateful to our donors and their commitment to opening up this learning opportunity to more writers. If you would like to join this select club of heroes, click here to make a donation.