Writing the Other

Writing the Other on Writing Excuses – Yes, You Can!

In this episode Tempest, DongWon Song, and Dan Wells tackle the question: “In this climate in publishing, can we even DO this, anymore?” Short answer: YES, YOU CAN. If you’ve heard from agents or editors that writing books that aren’t #OwnVoices isn’t something you can do, listen to us dismantle that idea and give advice for how you can go forward. [...]

The Year of Writing Inclusively

This year, Writing the Other is offering four deep dive courses covering every top-level issue authors face when they set out to write inclusive, diverse fiction: creating characters who aren’t stereotypes, avoiding offensive language in description, crafting dialect and dialogue that doesn’t read like caricature, and building inclusive worlds. Combined, these four classes have all the content of our original Writing the Other Online courses plus more lectures, writing exercises, and resources. [...]