2023 Year End Donation Drive

Earlier this year, Writing the Other completed a major step for our tiny organization. We’ve partnered with Clarion West and we’re now in a Fiscal Sponsorship with them.

Establishing this sponsorship was key for us for many reasons, the two most important being:

  • It allows us to raise funds under the umbrella of a nonprofit (thus making contributions from you tax deductible)
  • It allows us to apply for grants

Both of these things will help us reach the major goals we’ve set for the next two years and, down the line, provide a springboard to becoming an independent nonprofit.

About Writing the Other’s goals…

In 2024, we want to reach more creators and provide more educational resources to support inclusivity and positive representation. To accomplish this, we’ve set goals to achieve the following:

  • Creating more free resources for writers on our website and YouTube channel
  • Developing new classes focusing on a variety of identities, including new Master Classes, On Demand courses, and Webinars.
  • Building up the scholarship fund so that we can set aside at least 25% of class spots for students in need

All of this requires funding. At Writing the Other, it’s important to us to pay not only the professionals and experts who participate in our panels, interviews, and classes, but also to compensate our technical support staff, post-production professionals, and accessibility team.

And now we’re requesting your help

It’s a giving time of year, and if you have the means, please think of Writing the Other and help us provide creators with the education and tools they need to craft worlds we want to live in with characters whose identities are represented respectfully. Every little bit helps and donations of any amount are appreciated. (Also, tax deductible!)

Click here to make a one-time donation or use the box on the right sidebar. If you want to give us ongoing support, join our Patreon!

You can also help us reach our goal by sharing this post via social media, email, group chats, Discord, Slack, and other (appropriate) community spaces. Both donations and boosting will make a huge difference to us and to our students.

And if you want to know when classes begin again, please join our announcement mailing list.