On Demand: Should Authors Write Characters Different From Themselves?

Should Authors Write Characters Different From Themselves

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Discussions of diversity in literature, media, and narrative often boil down to a version of this basic question: Should white creators write characters of color? Should cisgender creators write trans characters? Should abled creators write characters with disabilities? Should heterosexual creators write LGBTQIA+ characters? The list goes on.

Though framed as a yes or no question, the answer is complicated and complex. Yet it’s the same one for every permutation that gets asked. In this On Demand webinar, authors Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford will give you the answer.

This $40 webinar includes:

  • 1.5 hour lecture covering…
    • Why representation is important
    • How to stay in your lane
    • What to do if you get it wrong
  • Resources for further study
  • 30 minute FAQ video

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All videos include closed captions and transcripts are included with the downloads. Resources are in PDF format. 

Who Should Take This Webinar?

The webinar is appropriate for all writers (fiction, plays, comics, TV, movie, and games included) from all backgrounds and any skill level.

This class is not only for white writers, or cis writers, or men, it is for any writer who wants to take steps toward writing more inclusive, representational narratives.

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