Mythology and Speculative Literature Panel from Carl Brandon Society

The Carl Brandon Society hosted a panel on mythology and speculative literature that all writers who utilize existing myths or seek to create your own should watch, especially if the myths in question come from/are based on marginalized, oppressed, or colonized cultures.

Mythology is a rich vein for writers to mine when it comes to making new stories. But what are some dead angles that writers have when it comes to mythology? How do you build new ones with depth? How can writers handle retellings to make them truly new? How do you go about integrating existing mythologies into your work in a respectful way, or should you do that at all?

Join science fiction and fantasy authors Vida Cruz, Piper J Drake, Kate Elliott, Rebecca Roanhorse, and Shveta Thakrar as they dig into how they answer these questions with their own work and research.

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