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Research is a necessary part of the creative process for every fictional narrative, no matter the genre. Though how deep you have to dive below the surface of a quick Internet search varies by project.

Some writers avoid taking the plunge, intimidated by the very prospect. For many, a lack of formal instruction on how to research leads to it being a boring, never-ending slog, or a huge time suck, or a neverending series of rabbit holes that don’t produce anything useful.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a scholar or even a university student to get help and learn how to find the information you need to craft great stories.

In the Research Skills for Fiction Writers On Demand course, reference librarian Melody Steiner will walk you through the How Tos of research techniques and explore ways that research can be an engaging and exciting process for narrative creators.

You’ll finish this course confident in your understanding of research techniques, how to integrate research into your narratives, and more comfortable navigating the resources available to you.

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Who Should Take This Class?

Writers of all genres — Literary • Contemporary • Historical Fiction • Science Fiction • Fantasy • Horror • Mystery • Romance • Young Adult • Middle Grade • Children’s Books — and all mediums — Prose • Film and TV Scripts • Comics • Graphic Novels • Games • Podcasts • Plays — at any point in their career from newbie to professional. This class is designed for creators who’ve had little to no formal training in research techniques.

Course Format

On demand classes via Teachable can be started at any time. Class content is structured so students move through the curriculum in a way that builds upon the content and knowledge in steps. There is no direct instructor interaction and each student makes their way through the course solo. Students have access to the curriculum for 3 years from date of purchase.

Accessibility Statement

All videos in this course have either corrected English closed captions or a full transcript available. Other material is available as text or PDF. We strive to ensure full accessibility for students who use assistive devices.

Please see Teachable’s accessibility page for more detailed information.

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