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We’re running a special fundraiser for scholarships for our Deep Dive Into Building Inclusive Worlds class! We want to ensure as many fiction, game, and screen writers as possible can attend.

As you know, Bob, fighting oppression and colonialist frameworks happens on multiple fronts, including in art. Narratives are one of the most powerful ways to shape how humans view and interact with each other, for good or for ill. We’re invested in “for good”. The worldbuilding in speculative fiction, or games, or TV and movies has an impact on the reader, the player, and the audience; whether they know it or not and whether the creator has been intentional about it or not. This class helps creators move with intent.

Most people don’t want to mimic oppressive frameworks, but do so because they think that’s “just how the world works.” Many artists don’t realize how much colonialism underpins their ideas about what constitutes civilization or even language and word choice. All of this is why our class can be a powerful and important one. And why we push hard to expand the number of scholarships we can give.

Currently, there are only 10 scholarships available. Our goal is to raise enough money that we can offer 30. Wanna help us get there?

To start, you can donate to our scholarship fund if you’re able. You can donate any amount. If concrete numbers help:

  • Twenty-five people giving $20 gets us one extra scholarship.
  • Five $100 donations gets us another!
  • Two $250 donates gets us one more.
  • One $500 donation covers a whole scholarship!

If you can’t donate (considering the past 2 years we completely understand), you can help us by boosting. Share this post far and wide! Help us create more opportunities for writers to hone their craft, create compelling narratives, and join the battle against toxicity in culture.