Should Authors Write Characters Different From Themselves? Webinar 2023

should authors write characters different from themselves

When: March 4, 2023, 10AM – 2PM Pacific Time (Click to see when this happens in your time zone)
Where: Online via Zoom video conference
Price: $30 – $40 or Whatever You Can Afford (Details Below)
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Discussions of diversity in literature, media, and narrative often boil down to a version of this basic question: Should white creators write characters of color? Should cisgender creators write trans characters? Should abled creators write characters with disabilities? Should heterosexual creators write LGBTQIA+ characters? The list goes on.

Though framed as a yes or no question, the answer is complicated and complex. Yet it’s the same one for every permutation that gets asked. In this 4 hour webinar, authors Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford will give you the answer.

Who Should Take This Class?

The webinar is appropriate for all writers (fiction, plays, comics, TV, movie, and games included) from all backgrounds and any skill level.

This online seminar is not only for white writers, or cis writers, or men, it is for any writer who wants to take steps toward writing more inclusive, representational narratives.


The webinar will take place in an online video seminar room. There will be four sections that will last around 45 minutes with a break in-between each. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Registration and Payment Options

We’re offering multiple registration options for this webinar which we hope will make it more accessible to writers financially affected by COVID-19.

Full Registration is $40 for webinar attendees. If you cannot afford this, please use the Full Registration Donation option, where you can pay any amount $1 or more. 

If you cannot attend the class during the live webinar, please choose Video Only Registration to get a recording of the class after the live webinar ends. You won’t be able to participate in the Q&A session live, though you may submit questions beforehand. You will get all the resources, the lectures, and answers to questions asked during the live class.

The fee for this registration is $30. There’s a Video Only Registration Donation option for this as well. 

We will send the webinar video by March 18th. 


Zoom meetings software is compatible with standard screen readers and has several other accessibility features that make it possible for writers who are Blind or vision impaired to participate in the webinar. 

Questions can be submitted via the meeting software Q&A function. Closed captions will be available, auto-generated by The final version of the recorded webinar will have auto-generated closed captions available. Note: the accuracy of these captions varies, and for live webinars we do not edit them. If you need 100% captions or transcript, we suggest the On Demand version of this webinar.

Technical Requirements

Zoom video conferencing works on computers, tablets, and most smartphones. We suggest you access the live webinar via a computer for the best experience. Before enrolling in class, make sure your computer or mobile device is compatible with Zoom. Before class, load the app on your system and join this test meeting.

A webcam/video camera is not necessary for class because students won’t be on video. The Q&A will be text-only. You can call in via phone if audio isn’t working through your computer.

Refund Policy

We are not offering refunds for this webinar. If you purchase a ticket for the live session and are unable to make it, you will still get access to the recording. You may also submit questions ahead of time via email.

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