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Non-Linear Story Structures from Non-Western Traditions | Webinar 2023

Western storytelling traditions decree that a linear structure (along with the three act structure, the hero’s journey, and a rising self-esteem arc) are mandatory features of any satisfying story. This is Western-centric silliness. In this webinar, author Henry Lien will explore non-linear structures, specifically cyclic and nested structures, using examples from non-Western stories and films. [...]

Panel Discussion: Death to Show Don’t Tell!

In this panel, authors Rebecca Makkai, Cecelia Tan, and K. Tempest Bradford will explore the idea that “show don’t tell” is an outdated and inherently colonialist piece of writing wisdom and offer different frameworks for analyzing how and why exposition works in narrative and tools for determining what to tell, what to show, and how much space should be dedicated to both. [...]