Online Classes and Workshops

Our online writing classes and workshops explore topics like how to write diverse characters, respectful dialogue, and representation beyond what is covered in the Writing the Other book that inspired our organization.

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Deep Dive Into Description

When writers get to the point of describing people from marginalized groups they’re sometimes filled with anxiety over the words and phrases they should use. In this three week craft-centric class, authors Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford dive deep into these language and description pitfalls and how to avoid them. [...]

Deep Dive Into Diverse Characters

Authors Nisi Shawl, Piper J. Drake, and K. Tempest Bradford will dive deep into character creation with writing exercises, discussion, and lectures on intersectionality, character relationships, avoiding stereotypes and tropes, and depicting characters from different genders, sexualities, classes, ethnicities, ability levels, and religious backgrounds. [...]