Writing Characters With Different Sexual Orientations

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Resources for writers who want to include characters who are lesbian, bisexual, gay, asexual, demisexual, or any other sexual orientation that is different from their own in their work. Learn about common stereotypes and tropes, find research sources, and learn about available on demand classes.

These links represent a portion of the resources available to students who attend a Writing the Other class or Master Class

Tropes & Stereotypes to Avoid

Resources and Research

How To Do It Well

Master Class: More than Eunuchs and Extraterrestrials: Writing Positive Portrayals of Asexual Characters

In this seminar, asexual author Lauren Jankowski walks students through the general terminology related to the asexual spectrum, discusses the importance of dismantling the love hierarchy, and provides tips for avoiding common stereotypes of asexuals.

Click here to see the full description and purchase the class.

Header Image: Inclusive Pride Flag designed by Daniel Quasar