Resources: Recommended Books

In addition to Writing the Other: A Practical Approach, we suggest the following for writers who want to create inclusive narratives. The books below don’t only tackle representation and diversity, they also speak to craft. Because, as poet Kwame Dawes once noted, “Racist writing is… a craft failure.” Many of the mistakes writers make when they create characters from identities different to their own are partly due to lack of craft skill on top of lack of knowledge and understanding. All the books on this list will give you an excellent foundation for increasing all three.

Invisible omnibus covers

Invisible Omnibus volumes 1-3: Essays and Poems on Representation in SF/F
edited by Jim C. Hines

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Craft in the Real World:
Rethinking Fiction Writing and Workshopping
by Matthew Salesses

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Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer

Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction
by Jeff VanderMeer

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Steering the Craft by Ursula K LeGuin

Steering the Craft: A Twenty-First-Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story
by Ursula K. Le Guin

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About Writing by Samuel R Delany

About Writing:
Seven Essays, Four Letters, & Five Interviews
by Samuel R. Delany

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Write Characters Your Readers Won't Forget

Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget
by Stant Litore

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Write Worlds Your Readers Won't Forget

Write Worlds Your Readers Won’t Forget
by Stant Litore

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The Heroines Journey

The Heroine’s Journey
by Gail Carriger

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