The Year of Writing Inclusively 2020

For writers and other creators of fictional worlds, 2020 and beyond needs to be about crafting narratives that don’t support, excuse, or ignore colonialism, marginalization, and other forms of oppression. Whatever you write–fiction, games, new media, plays, or screenplays; YA, middle grade, KidLit, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, or romance–the narratives you create have the power to impact your audience (and their cultures) in either a positive way or a negative one.

Which will you choose?

Writing the Other classes can help you learn how to write characters very different from yourself and represent cultures outside of your own sensitively and convincingly. In 2020 we’re offering five core online courses covering every top-level issue authors face when they set out to write inclusive, diverse fiction:

Deep Dive Into Diverse Characters 
Deep Dive Into Description 
Deep Dive Into Dialogue and Dialect
Research Skills for Fiction Writers 
Deep Dive Into Building Inclusive Worlds 

The pre-registration discount for 2020 classes has ended. However, you can still register for classes as they open for enrollment and you may apply for full or partial scholarships for each one. Class registrations open up about two months before each class begins. Subscribe to our mailing list to get a notification when classes open and for a discount on every class.