Master Class Recording Policy

All Writing the Other Master Classes are recorded and recordings made available to students in the class and to WtO instructors (past and future) for archival purposes.

An edited version of each Master Class may also be available for sale to the public after the class ends. Students should be aware of what is and is not included in these recordings.

Master Classes take place in ZOOM video conference rooms, and that system records audio and video from the instructor and participants (when microphones and/or webcams are on) and video of presentation slides. Both audio and video are included in Zoom recordings.

Students are encouraged and expected to engage with instructors and each other during the class session. The edited version of the seminar will remove student videos, plus references to student names and other identifying information, while keeping instructor answers. If the video editor feels that a student’s participation might be valuable to the final cut, they will email the student for permission to include. Students retain the right to say no, and that will be respected.