Writing the Other Master Classes

Master Classes are standalone seminars that go in-depth on a specific Writing the Other issue. They build on the foundation laid by the full courses and deep dives. In these classes writers get the opportunity to learn from and ask questions of experts in specific areas. Learn best practices when  writing Native American characters, how to create plausible Transgender characters, or understand how you can incorporate Asexuality into your fictional worlds.

Who Should Take A Master Class?

Writers of all genres — Literary, YA, Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Children’s Books, Romance — and all mediums — Prose, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Comics/Graphic Novels, Games — at any point in their career from newbie to professional. Any writer who wants to write inclusive fiction well and create characters who aren’t caricatures will find these online courses beneficial.

These seminars assume some familiarity with the basics of the concepts found in the Writing the Other: A Practical Approach book. If you have not taken any of our online writing classes or workshops, you can still take a Master Class! Read the book and familiarize yourself with the material on the Resources page — this will give you a good foundation.

Upcoming Master Classes

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On Demand Master Classes

Many of our previous Master Classes are available to purchase as webinars with video and a list of resources. Currently available On Demand:

Writing Deaf and Blind Characters
Writing for Trans and Non-Binary Narratives
Writing Native American Characters: How Not To Do A Rowling
More than Eunuchs and Extraterrestrials: Writing Positive Portrayals of Asexual Characters

Previous Master Classes