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Are you interested in helping us help writers learn how to combat cultural toxicity? To create fiction that is inclusive, and that better represents and reflects the world? Yes, it’s possible. But we need your help to make it happen for more people.

Writing the Other aims to help authors at any point in their career path and from every background, including those who don’t have the money to pay us. To that end, in 2016 we created the Sentient Squid Scholarship Program. Since then we’ve been able to provide over $10,000 in Sentient Squid scholarships to single mothers, disabled workers, and other deserving applicants. Approximately 20% of our alumni benefited directly from scholarship funds enabling them to attend Writing the Other weekend intensives, multi-week courses, and specialized one-session Master Classes.

Our goal going forward is to set aside at least one quarter of all spots in our classes for scholarship students and others in need of financial aid. For that, we’ll need your support.

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We’re now offering our generous donors two ways to contribute to the Sentient Squid Scholarship Fund: monthly via Patreon (with exclusive rewards) or one time donations via PayPal.

So far the scholarship program is a huge success and the alumni who’ve benefited thus far have made us proud. Having financial aid was crucial to being able to take the classes, as they’ve told us time and again:

“I can’t begin to describe what I got out of being able to take this course, and I wouldn’t have been able to take it without [donor] contributions. I screamed when I got the email saying I’d received a scholarship, because I knew how amazing this opportunity would be.”

“Each Master Class gave me additional tools to see even more facets of the world in ways I hadn’t before; these tools are already helping to make my writing stronger with every new story. With pre-teen twins and a single-income household, there’s not a lot of money to spare on professional development for a non-earning writer—even though it helps lead to future earnings. [The scholarship] allowed me to participate at a level I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.”

“A scholarship to attend Writing the Other’s class on Deaf and Blind Characters came at a time when my family could not have afforded my attendance otherwise. The information has been incredibly valuable since the seminar, and I am pleased to say I prevented me from making grave errors in writing a blind character in my work in progress.”

Will you help us grow this program in 2019 and beyond? Backing from you would really help to support more voices telling more and more inclusive stories.

Donate to the Sentient Squid Scholarship Fund

Donate via Patreon