Contribute to the Transcription and Closed Caption Fund

In order to make our videos more accessible, we want to provide transcripts of each as well as closed captioning on the videos. To this end, we’re establishing a specific fund for these services.

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If you wish to contribute to this fund–and therefore help us get all of our videos transcribed and captioned faster–please do so via PayPal or credit/debit card by clicking the button on the right. You can donate any amount. If you want some guidance:

  • $100 pays for transcription and closed captioning of 1 hour videos
  • $75 pays for the transcription of one Master Class
  • $90 pays for closed captions on a Master Class video
  • $140 pays for transcription and closed captions for one Master Class

Please Note: Writing the Other is not a non-profit organization, and contributions to the fund are not tax deductible.


Transcriptions and captions - blurry hands on a keyboard